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How it works

Welcome to Getyourfixtures, the best tv guide for all tv stations and official streaming.

Getyourfixtures is a TV guide for Sports, providing you with important info on how to watch the live sports events you want to see. We try to cover every sport available.

When you first visit our website we will automatically detect which country you're from and show you only those events being available in your country. Right on top you can also change it manually. Show all will contain all countries available.


Our website consists of 3 main functions: Live Now, Fixtures and TV Guide.

- Live Now; here you can view all events being played right now. All sports at once, or select a sport, and filter further on competition.

- Fixtures; here you can view all fixtures/schedules of upcoming events. See also what's live now, today, tomorrow, or select a date. When you select a sports and/or competition you can filter to view only those events you're interested in. Then you can also keep that filter to browse through events being played right Now, or to search for events Today, Tomorrow or on a selected Date.

- TV Guide; here you can get an easy overview of all live sports events being on tv in your own country. Available for the most popular countries, select it using the "Show stations & streams for" option right on top.


Each live sports event we list has TV Stations and/or Official Streaming being listed.

- TV Stations; Most sports events are shown on tv, so that's the info we will provide you: the tv stations that are showing the sports events, worldwide, but you can filter on country as well. So you can see easily which sports events you can watch in your own country, and on which tv channel.

- Official Streaming; Many sports events are not shown on tv, but on the internet. We will guide you to the official streaming pages of those sports events. As sometimes betting sites show those events, or they show events on Youtube or their own websites. You won't have to look any further, as we will provide you with all the official streaming links available. So if it isn't on tv, then we will provide you with the official streaming links. We won't provide any links to unofficial streaming.


Any questions? Don't hesitate to ask us using the contact button, or on Facebook or Twitter.